Chip Kidd Event Poster Submission

Here is the poster I submitted for the Chip Kidd Event being held at the Whitaker Center in Harrisburg, PA. The event is sponsored by the Society of Design. SOD decided to open up the poster design to its members. There were around 30 submissions. The specs stated that the colors were limited to Black and PMS Rhodamine Red. Chip Kidd picked Aaron Eiland’s design to represent him and his fresh approach to design. The winning design is playful and ,if possible, vaguely to the point.  In other words, the design symbolizes Chip Kidd’s personality and his little-kid-stuck-in-an-old(er) man’s-body design mentality.  Below is a link to all the posters featured on the HOWmagazine blog.

SOD donated $100 to a charity of Eiland’s choice (the One Laptop Per Child project).

Aaron Eiland’s website:

My concept:

Chip Kidd is known primarily for his book jacket design and has made an incredible living doing it.

Chip Kidd’s name and the puffy jacket are built out of moleskine sketchbooks. I was trying to say that a lot of sketching & forethought goes into his book jackets and his thought process is what literally keeps him warm, hence the winter jacket. Just a bit vague? {From Chip Kidd: #28 is quite handsome, though I’m not sure I get it (a jacket, meant to signify book jackets?)} I should have remembered that if you can’t explain the idea in one sentence over the phone, it’s not going to work!

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