Pinzgauer Sighting

A couple of friends of mine, we’ll just refer to them as Gibbs and Franks, informed me of an amazing vehicle. The Pinzgauer. They are all-terrain vehicles that are originally used by the Swiss Army, but are imported to the U.S. and are street legal. I googled it and was amazed at how beautiful and unstoppable it was in ANY terrain. There are a lot vehicles that claim to be all-terrain, but once you see this miracle in action, you will understand that a majority of vehicles are just wannabees. Do yourself a favor and YouTube some Pinzgauer movies.

The Pinzgauer above was spotted in York, PA (capitol of crappy radio stations, if it wasn’t for XPN out of Philadelphia, I would grow a mullet, stick confederate flags on my bumper, quit brushing my teeth, and grow a raspy voice.)

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