PA License Plate Designs

This a cry out for Pennsylvania to reconsider the depressing and embarrassing license plate that we are legally obliged to fasten to our vehicles. Either change it back to the old ones or consider a new design sans the state web address.

I think the left justified type makes it a bit more organized. I also don’t think that Philly would go for the black and yellow color scheme, but what the hell, why not give it a try.


3 thoughts on “PA License Plate Designs

  1. I’m a fan of the 5th one down in the left column. Maybe because I am a Helvetica freak. My integra could use some refreshing design attributes… plus a new windshield.

  2. Are u in the PGH? justa wondering! I work as a designer at dick’s sporting goods HQ or as they call it now the SSC Store Support Center…lolz

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