Your brain is weak, weak, weak.

Mondrian-influenced typographic painting. Read the color listed in each box. Try to visualize the entire painting correctly in it's entirety. Be amazed by the inability of your brain to remember/visualize more than around 3 boxes at one time. I would imagine that a person with autism would be able to visualize this without any problem, while a person without would not be able to catalog and piece together a visual of this entire painting without dedicating a large portion of time to memorization. I'm not talking about memorizing the words and recreating it on a piece of paper, I'm talking about just seeing it in your mind. There are a lot of people that have photographic memories. I must say that I have a part-time photographic memory. It helps me to be original at times, and can haunt me at times as well. I would much rather be original than be a xerox machine. Looking at drawings and paintings that look like photographs just reminds me of the lack of creativity the creator "may" possess. Escher's drawings were always vivid and realistic, but came bundled with the unexpected optical illusion. This piece is like a brain treadmill that you buy to get in shape, you use it briefly once, get tired, never get on again, let it sit in your basement for 20 years then try to sell it on Craigslist for the original price that you paid for it almost a quarter century ago.